Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Opera

Last night Jayme played her tuba in the orchestra for the opera 'Dialogue des Carmelites'. It was in French and was really very good. Jayme of course did a wonder job in the pit. She isn't feeling well and that didnt stop her from being awesome. I just feel bad because she still has 2 more night of performance and she feels really crappy.

Jessica and her boyfriend Solieh(sp), Amanda, me and baby Nicole all went. The baby was just so good! 3 hours long too. After the first act (1hr) and the lights came on people were surprised that a baby was there since they never heard her. Well we fed her a bottle after each intermission and she played quietly, then she fell asleep on Grandma! she was a great little bubbalah for all 3 hours.