Sunday, April 19, 2009

Should you fix your deviated septum?

Well, I voted yes and on the 15th I had surgery. From what my doctor said, good thing I did. It turns out I had a few problems in there. The cartlidge between my nostrils was getting so thin from years of breathing on only one bent side that I was working toward a hole between my nostrils. Lovely. I also needed to have a hole repaired in one sinus that was created from pressure because of the strange shaped nasal passage, and I had to have bone removed that overgrew inside one side. Plus of course fix the deviation in my septum that was making both nostrils have maybe 10% opening left on either side. And I wonder why I had sinus headaches, constant sinus infections, problems breathing at night and bloody noses!

Well because of all the 'extra' junk, it's been 4 days and I'm still so very uncomfortable it sucks. I'm not in any pain, just every breath I take reminds me that I cannot breath, cannot blow my nose and can't sleep. The packing came out in about 24 hours and that was a huge relief, at least then I could swallow and eat like normal.

Try this, pinch you nose so closed not even a teeny tiny bit of air can pass, now hold it like that and try to swallow a sip of water, or try to chew your food without breathing. sucks don't it!

Anyway, the splints are huge and they will stay in my nose for about a week. They are very uncomfortable and itchy. And they dig a bit into my nose but I'll survive it. I just wish I could blow my nose. If I could get the junk out I could breath and the draining would stop. I can't even feel when it will drain out my nose since the stupid plastic splint goes almost to the opening. so yes, good ol cotton balls are shoved in my nose most of the day. I look gorgeous.

So let's recap my experience.

Jayme, look me to the surgery center, but they forgot to call her until afterI woke up and I asked if they called, I got A 'Oh, we are supposed to call her?" so once they did I finally got to go home, not long after she had to leave for a doctor appointment. I kept giving myself the magic pain killers, but that didnt stop the discomfort, though yes it did stop the pain. Jayme, Charles and the baby did come back later on that night and stay over. They brought me some soup from Jasons deli where they ate and it was so hard to swallow, but tasted good.

Maria also drove down late that night after work and stayed with me. She even put up with me and slept in my bed if I needed anything. Considering I didnt sleep more than 5 minutes at a time all night It was nice to have her there, even though she was sleeping.

The baby was sick so we had Jayme leave her with us the next day. Good thing for Maria. I think this was the first time Maria and Little Nicole had so much one on one time together. I know Nikki loved it. Maria babied us both and made us a yummy lunch. She even took me to get the packing out of my nose and I know that grossed her out. It had to, it grossed me out! She put up will ALL my complaining, and trust me, there was a lot of it. Then she had to leave and go back up to Manhattan.

Well Jayme wound up leaveing work a little early since I was useless watching Nicole. She was being a good girl as she always is, but lets face it. She is 2 years old and I was a grouchy uncomfortable grandma who couldn't breath or blow her nose and constantly wanted to cut my nose off. So Jayme, Charles and the baby stayed over again. Jayme cooked for us so that was nice that I didnt have to fend for myself.

Now it's friday and still the baby is sick too. I was feeling much better. I actually only woke up about 7 times during the night. So I had Jayme leave nikki with me. but since it was not an easy task, she left work early anyway and was home later in the afternoon.

Yesterday I chilled, I did get to see the baby for a little bit when Jayme & Charles took their dance lesson, but that was it. It's better that way since I'm cranky. Today I'm just hagging out. took another shower (it helps) and looking around the kitchen wishing I could do some work to it but afraid to breath in anything or overdo it and start bleeding again.

OH one more ANNOYING thing in all this. My upper teeth, the roof of my mouth and the bone between my lip and nose is still NUMB. Grrr! very annoying feeling and I look stupid when I try to smile. Not that I can since when I do the splints dig into my nose! I hope that feeling goes away FAST.

I have an appointment for tuesday to take out the splints. YEAH! I really think I'll be fine after that. Once I get the ok to blow my nose and all this foreign stuff is out I think life will be normal.

So that is my saga. Thought I'd share. So Should you get your deviated septum fixed? Probably yes, it's too soon on the healing road to make that decision for sure, but I can tell I will be breathing tons better even with all the crap in my nose and the stuffyness I have now, I can already tell a difference. It will be great when I'm healed.