Monday, October 08, 2007

Fun weekend

So this weekend Jayme, the baby and I drove to Mahanttan for a fun filled weekend. First we went to the K-state vs KU football game. I got to see Maria too. We were winning, but then we lost. Sad! I had a lot of fun though, they do some new things that was fun to watch. Then Nicole and Shannon made us a delicious dinner at their house, YUMMY. On Sunday we went to breakfast with Maria then dressed up for the Ren fest in KS City. I was a pirate, So was Nicole, Shannon, Jenette, Chris and baby Nicole, Jayme was a Renessance (sp) lady of the court. We looked like we fit right in. I bought a really cool oil lamp made of slate. and a fun hand etched Halloween neclace. My camera wasn't working but Nicole and Jenette took pictures. We got home really late and the baby wound up with a high fever by then. So sad to see a 1 year old look sick! poor baby. But beside that it was a very nice weekend and worth the drive. I love spending time with my kids.