Sunday, May 18, 2008


I recently was visiting Family on the East coast and as we drove past my old neighborhood in Canarsie Brooklyn, I did some driving down memory lane, Or Rockaway Parkway, whatever you want to call it. I moved from there in 1987 Long time ago.

But this is the bagel store (I can't believe it's still there) that I had my epithany that I wanted to move out of Brooklyn.

This is the house that we owned. This is also the same house Dutch was born in and his father was born in. And one of our Children were born in, Yes you Maria. Once we owned it we were the ones smart enough to sell it a few years later and move out of Brooklyn. We are the ones who put the siding on the house. Back in the 80's, the yellow was nice. Now I laughed when I saw someone wrote a note in what looks like permanent marker on the siding by the mail box. Classy huh!

This is the Church I got married in. Holy Family Church. It is also where 2 of my girls were baptized, and where their dad was baptized. Even my brother in law Tommy went to this church way back when he lived in the projects. It's still a pretty church. Dutch also went to school here until he had to enter highschool.

Speaking of High Schools, This is Canarsie High School we lived across the street from it and Dutch went to here.

I'm very glad I do not live in Brooklyn anymore. So was Jayme when she was driving there with me. I can't even imagine raising my kids there now. I made the right choice by leaving 21 years ago!