Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Did you miss me? Well I'm here to say I'm proud to be an American.

Well blog, it has been quite a while since I posted. But I feel the need.
I've been .... as many people around the world.... totally into watching the Olympics
Michael Phelps breaking Mark Spitz record that stood for 36 years, and so many other golds in swimming, Nastia and Shawn kicking butt in Gymnastics, even with the unfair scoring of the judges. Misty and Kerry literally winning every match they have played in Beach Volleyball for a year and now going for the gold. America's fencing team kicking butt! American Softball team and baseball team are so good they eliminated the sports from the olympics because no country could compare to the Americans, they are back this year and proving their unbeatable skills again. Softball have basically only had to play 5 innings because they get so many runs it isn't necessary to play more. Our mens track team even swept the podium winning all 3 medals in a match. This doesn't even touch on the many other gold, silver and bronze medals, I believe 79 total medals so far or USA. Now the host country is doing a fantistic job. They have 44 gold medals, more than anyone. I hope the judging has been more fair than we've witnessed in gymnastics, and if they have then great job to China, but I know there have been a few medals for China in gymnastics that were judged against other countries, especially America, unfairly. But I'm proud the American's have not challenged anything. That is poor sportsmanship and petty. We will take what we have and know in our hearts that some of our scores were higher than the numbers the judges gave.
I look forward to watching all the sports, My favorites are Swimming, Gymnastics and Volleyball. But all of them are awesome to watch, no matter who wins it is exciting to see their faces, those of the coaches, and fans. It is also the only time all countries come together as one world of equals. No one at war, all hard working, dedicated athletes from so many countries. Too bad the world doesnt work every day like they do at the Olympics that are for so short a time, so far apart. I'm glad that we have them. Seeing so many countries run side by side, winners from one country hugging and congratulating another for their medal performances. Its the way the world should be. But I can't help but be so proud to be American. Our athletes are always in the running as the top, the ones to beat. Yet we do not take our children from families as toddlers, they grow up with their loving families like all other kids, but train hard and long as they live normal lives. Yet we are still the team to beat on almost every competition. How can you NOT be proud of our country?
I can go on about this for hours, but I'll leave it like this.
I wouldn't live anywhere but here, with our problems and all. America is still the best place in the world to live,prosper, have freedom and be able to decide for ourselves what 'we want to be when we grow up!' Proud, every day, to be an American.