Saturday, February 21, 2009

kitchen renovation

Well, I'm doing something that is kind of a challenge project. I'm trying to transform my kitchen for very little money.

So my first job was to take down the cabinets over my nook. ..... done.... then I had to figure out how to fix the ceiling from the large piece of wood that was holding up those cabinets that insisted on sticking out of the ceiling. After chiseling that out and patching the ceiling, then using popcorn ceiling patch... done.... then I needed to figure how to add cabinets to my fairly small kitchen since I just removed some. well you know the 12 inches between the top of most everyones cabinets and the ceiling? I decided to use that. But I want to be different so I bought (on sale) 4 12 inch by 30 inch and one 12 inch by 36 inch oak cabinets and installed them above some of the cabinets. I was able to use the long doors on an existing short cabinet that now had the 12 inch cabinet above it to look like a longer cabinet. On the rest I punched out the panel of the door and I'm replacing it with glass. Not done yet but working on it. So I took 1/2 the cabinet doors down and I've been stripping and sanding the frames and doors. what a job. but the cabinets are in excellent condition and shld look brand new when I'm done staining and finishing them off.

I also bought handles on sale from $8 a piece I got them for $3 a piece, (there are none now) for all the doors, very modern, they look like long tubes. it should look nice. I picked up crown molding for all the cabinets, the ones that are up to the ceiling and the ones that are not. again on sale I also decided to do a granite counter, of course to do it myself and save $3000 means to use 12x12 tiles. I found the perfect granite tile at Lowes again on sale and bought them for the counter and the backsplash. I am going to use some of the leftover limestone tile I have to make a design in the backsplash and I do need some trim tile to finish that. I also needed a new sink. I was not sure what to get, and my friend Dave came to the rescue and he was able to give me a brand new Swanstone sink, in a color that is perfect with the granite for...... free! yes free.

I still need to buy the stain..( I have no idea what color I'm going for. I keep changing my mind) , I need to buy the grout for the tiles, I need a new faucet (my sprayer is busted) and the lights to go above the nook in place of the cabinets I took down. I have all the wiring to run electic for the new lights and switch, and I have the lights to run in the new cabinets with the glass doors too. and I need to buy the 8 pieces of glass for those doors. I even have the polyuerothane and sealer to use. So I'm sitting pretty, most of the big expenses are done.

Now for the challenge. I dont want to spend more than $2000 for EVERYTHING. so far so good. I got the cabinets, handles & tile on sale. the sink free, I already have some of the lights and all the wiring, I have the adhesive for the tile too.
Costs to date:
Cabinets- 356.00
Tile- 380.00
handles- 114.00
sink- .00
ceiling fix- 11.00
molding- 42.00

total so far- 903.00

Expected cost:
Stain- 16.00
grout- 25.00
glass- 60.00
faucet- 250.00
lights- 100.00
misc- 50.00
trim tile 100.00

Total 601.00

I may come in way under budget! and the kitchen will be great & look totally different.

Those low hanging cabinets are history! And so is the piece of wood that attached it to the ceiling
You can see the metal trimmed sink, formica counters and empty space above the cabinets, lack of crown molding and the old little backsplash. I also put 1 ply oak on all the sides of all the existing cabinets. It looks much better than you see in these before pictures.

YOu can see what the cabinets looked like before adding the new ones.