Monday, March 16, 2009

Future musician

Nikki on her drums ... Wait. Gotta go pee!

Singing Beauty

If you know the disney Sleeping Beauty movie, you will know the song. 'Once Upon a Dream' well this is my 2 yr old granchild singing that very song. If you are unfamiliar with the words. She is singing " I know you, I walk with you once upon a dream" In the movie Prince Phillip is dancing with Princess Aurora, so she is dancing with her doll, just like in the movie. or at least SHE thinks so. Yes, she is adorable.

during pics

Cabinets with the 1 ply oak on the sides and new cabinets on top. Now I've removed the doors and started sanding the frames.

Cabinet doors before, during and after.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Still working on the Kitchen

It's hard to do something like this by yourself on spare weekends and think it will be done quickly. I didnt realize how long this project was going to take me. Not having all my weekends doesn't help I guess. But I want to do other things with my life besides renovate my kitchen and let's face it. weekends is all I have!

So all the cabinet doors are off except for the corner doors. they are going to be a pain so I'm saving them for last. All the door but 8 are stripped and sanded. only 4 drawers left too. And I started sanding the frame of the other side of the kitchen cabinets. 2 more weekends of sanding should finish that job off.

I bought stain but I'm not sure I like it. I got Cherry wood. it is about the same shade as what I had but a little more red. I dont want light cabinets and it looks like they may look too light. I'm going to try it first on one of the spare cabinet doors.

Once I get the cabinets and frames all sanded, I'll break off the old tile backsplash and repair any damaged wall (hopefuly there will be none). then I'll install the electric for the over the nook lights since that needs to be done before I re-tile.

S0 that's where I am so far on this project. I'll find my camera and take pictures. I'm too tired now.