Sunday, August 23, 2009

A taste of Old World Italy- Nord e Sud

So my 2 friends and I decided to donate a dinner to be auctioned off for charity. So to make it fun we did a taste test date tonight. we cooked all the possible foods we were considering and narrowed it down to 'A Taste of Italy- North & South' After making so many italian dishes, we realized how different the north of Italy cuisine is from the south of Italy. So this should be interesting, part of the deal is whoever pays the highest for the dinner and buys it, not only gets a home cooked Italian dinner for 6, but the three of us get to serve it to them also

We will have appetizer
North- Peppers with Anchovie and South Shrimp Scampi

then the first 2 courses are 'poor man' dishes very inexpensive for their regions
North- Rice Milanese and South Muscles

Next 2 courses, made with things abundent in their regions
North- Pasta and Wine sauce and South Spaghetti and meatballs

A break with a nice fancy Anti Pasta (that both regions would have eaten)

then we show the real difference in North and South, both have a dish with the same name made totally different, Chicken Cacciatorre. Northern style and Southern style

Finally desert,
Some delicious home made Italian Tortoni

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Girlie Girls

One day when Nikki was at my house and she went in her little pool, she wanted me to dry her hair, as we went upstairs to do that, she noticed my curlers. I asked if she wanted me to put them in her hair and she got very excited. So here are some big girl pictures of my girlie grandaughter. I always have so much fun with this kid. She's a little comedian!

How to make a long drive fun

While driving home from Dodge City with Jayme, Charles and Nikki, we found ways to make it fun. we also stopped and took some pictures. It was fun!