Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Looking good!

I did something I never do. Since I'm still over weight, I do what most over weight people do. I do not buy myself new clothes since I'm 'waiting' till I'm thinner to spend money. But on Tuesday I did a presentation (seminar) for a client. It is the second one in a week and I have another next week. I put on one of my suits and when I was sitting there looking at my shoes, I noticed the heel was damaged, the shoe looked a bit scuffed too. I looked in my lap and my best suit had a nice pull in the fabric. I looked at my blouse and realized even though it's in good shape, I've had this blouse about 12 years. hmmmm. I'm a VP of a company and my BEST suit is about 5 years old? scuffed damaged shoes? a 12 year old blouse? what the heck is wrong with me!!! So I went major shopping on my way home from the presentation. I bought so many work clothes, shoes, scarves, jewelry and a new pocketbook, I dont want to think about how much I spent. Then I went home and got rid of things in my closet that I dont wear or look bad on me. I'm out of town again now but when I go home this weekend, my shoes and drawers are next. I wore a new outfit today and got compliments on my clothes and my pocketbook. It must be noticable! I should have done this a while ago. I deserve it!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dinner Auction Over

So we had the auction for the Italian North & South Dinner. We were the first item to be on the block. We thought, that stinks, the first never goes for much. People are just getting there feet wet and there are 11 items they were auctioning. Most were fancy dinners at fancy restaurants, one painting, and a couple of overnight trips plus dinner, or a day of golfing plus dinner. One that went for the most was a spanish dinner party for 20! So who knew if our little Taste of Italy dinner for 8 would do well. I was very happy! it went for $800. WOW, that was more than many others, only two were higher! So we have to make sure it is REALLY good! We sold it with a story. My friend Sally who is doing this with me thought it would be interesting to give some history on how I came across the recipes. Like how my 2 italian parents from Northern and Southern Italy met and came to America. In the blurb about the dinner in the program, some of what I wrote was there as part of the description, it said if you want to hear more you had to bid on the dinner. We've decided to make it into a real story. I will tell it (of course, it's my story) and Sally & Marte will be my 'grunges' as they so nicely put it. I do all the pre cooking, they do all the serving and cleaning. Not a problem, should be fun. Then gentleman who won the bid would like it after the 1st of the year, so we have a while. This should be fun!