Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Jayme really enjoyed her baby shower. It was fun. Nicole and Jenette kicked butt. They found great food and games and really did a wonderful job making it special.

Jayme had a great baby shower. We had a chocolate fountain instead of cake, played fun games, and opened gifts. She got nice things and no real doubles. Notice the beautiful quilt Nicole made for her first niece and the diaper is a game, that is not poop! fun. Jayme was so happy. Good job girls.

My Laptop

Well we found the problem on my laptop. It needed a new motherboard! it isn't even 2 yrs old! good thing it is under warranty, it didn't cost anything and they fixed it already. So i'm back on track. Thanks Hockyfrog for your suggestion, I tried it but it didnt work.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

stupid laptop

I can't get on the internet with my laptop! It keeps saying that the network cable is unplugged. I've checked everything. I cant think of what else to do to see why it is not recognizing the cable. SBC has the DSL line working property, but no luck! I'm so frustrated. Does anyone have ideas?