Monday, September 18, 2006

baby Nicole

You didn't think I'd not post pictures of the most perfect baby in the world did you? She was just so cute in this outfit. She found the rim of her hat and kept crossing her eyes trying to see it. I just love her so much.


Jayme, baby Nicole and I went to Manhattan this weekend and got to spend some time with Nicole, Shannon & Maria. I miss them. I got to laugh and hug and see my girls. I am so thankful that Jayme lives in Wichita with me. I wish I could see Nicole and Maria more often. I miss them both so much. Jayme and Nicole were discussing trying to make sure they see little Nicole at least once a month. So since they will all be here sometime in November for Thanksgiving and in December for Christmas, so Jayme and I will go back up to Manhattan in October. We'll decide who goes where starting January. This will be great since I'll also get to see my girls once a month. Woo hoo!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

The best baby in the world

This is my grandaughter on my lap looking at me making strange faces and noises, as you can see I've made her wonder what the heck is going on! For anyone who knows my mother, Yes, I'm slowly turning into her!

This is her getting her diaper changed and deciding she really needed to poop after all!

Once again, this is Nicole looking at her grandma as her grandma is making her dance and wondering, "Hey don't I know tha song grandma? "

But this picture ends all. Oh my gosh what a beautiful baby. she is holding her little doll, who by the way is only about 4 inches long, since Nicole is so small she makes the doll look so big! I wonder if she is dreaming about how much she loves her grandma!