Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Jayme is so generous

For anyone who knows me, it's no surprise that I have been very stressed at work lately. I'm in the western part of the state as I am every month for work. Tonight I'm in Garden. Well today Jayme called me and told me she made arrangements for me to have an hour massage with a manacure tomorrow night, then have my hair cut, dyed and styled on Thursday night. She wants me to feel less stressed. I was so surprised I cried.

Thanks Jayme. You are a very caring, thoughtful young woman. I love ya hon.


Jayme, baby Nicole and I got to go see Nicole, Shannon and Jenette play hockey this weekend. It was soo much fun. Nicole has become a true hockey player! I'm so proud. My little girl is out there kicking butt as a defense player. She doesn't let the other team shoot. She'll get into the mix no matter what, She can be pinned by two big guys and her stick and skates are still working to get the puck away from them until she does. I love it! Shannon still skates so fast and knows how to set up plays. And Jenette is like a gnat. She is in their way whether they like it or not foiling shots and passes. I was so proud of all of them. I wish I was rich so I could have a reall rink built in Manhattan for these kids to practice and have home games. They deserve it. How else can you describe dedication, than this team, they really play hard with so much against them. They hold their own pretty good if you ask me. I really enjoy watching them. I have to make sure I figure out how to get to more games next season.

We were all sick though, I'm feeling much less conjested, had a coughing fit that made me feel horrible for hours, but I feel better today. Hopefully when I present the seminar tomorrow for our client I dont have a coughing fit then. It's bad enough I cant get this stupid fever sore to go away in time. Sigh!