Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Hey Look what I found. this is the first picture I posted of the basement. look at it then and now.

she cute or what. She LOVES to water the plants. My grandbaby is getting so big!

Basement Update

As you can see the basement is coming along. the walls, floors, cubbies, lights are all done. all that is left is putting the granite tile on the bar. it's all framed out. Notice the big space in the front of the bar. Maria is supposed to paint a NY scene on it and Shannon had the idea of putting lights in it. Shannon also has to help me put up surround sound and I need a Wii. Notice the big tan dog stuffed animal on the floor, yes baby Nicole loves it down there too, now I can use the room. Maybe one day soon I'll find the time to finish it.


Well this last weekend I missed out on the ren-fest! Nicole and Shannon went and the pics they posted are great. I really have to get the costumes made before October so I can go with them next time. No fair!. Jayme and I felt jipped so on sunday we took a ride to the KS state fair. It was my firsts time there. We took some fun pictures. One of baby Nicole in a HUGE chair. We didn't stay too long but it was fun, since we missed the ren festival I was glad we at least got to do something. I just need to find time to do things for myself. Haven't had that much in recent weeks, actually months. I still have 3 golf lessons paid for that I need to schedule. Maybe next week!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I'm back

Well it's been eons since I posted on my blog. I have not had much time, soo much has gone on in these past months. We got Jay's house back to sell and we worked our butts off on that, it's on the market now and hopefully will be sold soon. Work has been so stressful and hectic. Our legal department moved to Wichita and they did not do it in a very organized manner so now things are behind, tons of trainees, two more start tomorrow, and I have to do the initial training. I have a new collector that I've been neglecting because of all the stuff I've been having to do for the boss and for the legal department. I moved my office to another in the building to help out. I'm tired, frustrated, stressed, you name it. I know it will not always be this bad but right now I feel like I can't get the simplest things done without staying till all hours.
On a better note, I did work on my basement and it is really starting to look good. I forgot my camera at Maria's when I went up to Manhattan when she had her wisdom teeth taken out so I can't post a picture yet, but it looks good. Anyway, I'm glad I got to do this post and I'll try to post more often.