Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Christmas parties!!

This is Maria, Me, Nikki and Stacy on the dance floor. Yes, I dance by shaking everything -hopfully to the music.

Well I'm in the Dodge and Garden City Area again. My usual monthly visits! We had our office Christmas party and I got a ring! ARSI decided to give long time employees a 14k white gold band and add stones as years pass. I have a ruby, in 2 yrs I'll get a saphire, then 5 years more a diamond. Cool huh!

This is Me and Lori with our ARSI rings!

I also did a power point show of 'morphed' ARSI staff. I took 3 people and morphed them into one. It was a blast. I'll share this one- Of me, Lori and Nikki.

This is the finished product!! Pretty Ugly huh!

These are the 3 pictures I used. I did 12 pictures and incorporated 25 employees. It was fun.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I am going to be a GRANDMA!

Yes my daughter Jayme is pregnant! She was shocked but now we are all getting excited. She & her husband just bought a house in Wichita. Jayme will be a great mom. I think all my girls will be great moms.

This picture is of my 3 beautiful daughters at Jayme's wedding in September 2004. I can't believe it's been over a year already & now Jayme will be a mommy too. WOW!
I'M REALLY GOING TO BE GRANDMA! NICOLE & MARIA ARE GOING TO BE AUNTS! SHANNON IS GOING TO BE AN UNCLE! my goodness. Jerry is going to be a dad! and Jayme a mom! 2005 held lots of changes for me. 2006 looks like another life changing year. I look forward to it!

Friday, December 02, 2005

Happy Birthday to me!

Well it is 12:15 am so it is officially my Birthday. Happy Birthday to me!

I got to see a president!

Yes I saw George H W Bush!! It was great. He is so funny. It was wonderful listening to him joke about things. As he said he was no longer in office so he can say what he wants. When commenting on the handful of protesters outside Century II in Wichita, that he no longer draws the throngs of ill-wishers he once did, he joked that anymore "they're tiny little demonstrations, beneath the dignity of the office I once had."
He joked about old issues, new issues, his kids wife and himself but always witty, sharp as a tack and with a possitive feeling for America and his 100% backing of his son the current president. I always liked this man, voted for him twice, but after seeing him at 81 yrs old, relaxed, able to answer any question in a way that let you know this man is no fool, and still make everyone laugh as if you were entertained by a comedy show, yet never missed a beat, yes I have even more respect for him. It was wonderful to see him in person, a piece of American history 10 feet away from me. Thank you George Bush for visiting Wichita!