Thursday, May 31, 2007

GOlf lessons

So Jayme and I are going to take golf lessons. Fun huh! I've been wanting to learn how to play golf for a few years but never did anything really about it. SO now I have a 6 week course planned for the both of us starting Saturday. I'm looking for used golf clubs to try it out. Play it again sports had some, we'll see. I'm going to buy them tomorrow. hopefully I'll be okay at this! Wish us luck!

basement update

well the walls are painted. Since I took this picture I also installed an new silver/gray carpet. IT looks really good. I'll get a picture soon. Now I have to finish the lighted cubby holes, the electric and get the furniture. I've decided to make the ottoman coffee table I saw for almost $600. it will cost me more like $150 to make. And it will match better since I get to choose the colors of the paint and leather. I also have the molding painted but I haven't put it up yet. THis weekend I will.


Jayme mowed the lawn. Nicole hung out with her as she did. literally. it was hysterical watching the baby's legs dangling, swinging, and she just loved it. She even started to relax against Jayme when she did the front lawn. What a sight!

So she figured out how to use the sippy cup. OF course since she is so smart, she even realized to get more liquid, she has to tip the cup up. You know the gravity thing. She just hasn't figured out what is too far up. So she fell backward! funny baby

Funny baby

as you can see, my grandaughter is a practicing pianist!
also she found a place she likes to nap and rest. Yes for those of you that recognize it, it is the dogs big pillow. So I started throwing a blanket over it whenever she feels like using it and poor Dakoda has to use the floor sometimes. It's good to learn how to share!.

more big girl pictures

Notice that she is not holding on to anything. Not bad balance for a 9 month old!

Big girl pictures

Have Doggy land mines?? build a Doggy yard

Well now that my grandchild is getting more mobile, I got tired of all the land mines in my backyard. I mean let's be real. the baby would think one is pretty tasty looking. since she thinks everything is tasty looking. So to not make me sick, I needed to create a doggy yard so the bombs go away. Especially since now we have mine and Jayme's dog planting them in the yard. So I put up a pretty neat fence. This picture is before I completed the gate part. I'm very proud it is very level. More level than the big fence that's for sure. So now the dogs have a place to go and not get yelled at. Out the garage door and they are in their own safe doggy yard with dog house and all. Nicole is safe from doggy land mines.

Mommy's day

My mothers day surprise was so great. First Maria surprised me and then Nicole and Shannon were there. POOF! instant loved ones. Jayme arranged for us all to meet and go to a really nice dinner at Larkspur. The food was great, the company was great and I got treated! what more can you ask? WELL, everyone stayed overnight at my house! So needless to say I had a really great mothers day.

Riverfest was fun. We got to see a really odd version of Wizard of OZ. the audience was the munchkins and the story was a bit unusual, but it was fun and Nicole got to be held by the scarecrow and Dorothy

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I did it. here are the 4 of us having fun and just being friends. It was really great. I had such a nice weekend and it refreshed me, and helped us all bond to become the team we once were hopefully.

Well I got 2 to download then it started beeping me again when I tried. but this is us on Saturday night.


Well me and the girls went on a management retreat. I finally got to use my timeshare and the 4 upper managment went and relaxed. I had such a great time with all of them. Lori & I went up Friday night, then picked up Nikki & Arianne from the Denver airport on Saturday. We all drove home on Monday. The weather was sporatic, mostly snowing & rain but it didn't phase us. We really enjoyed ourselves. We even bought matching ARSI neclaces to remember our first managment retreat weekend. We will be doing it again! Again I'm having issues downloading pictures. this time it wont even give me the red x in the box, it just keeps saying it cant find something or other. so I'll try to add pictures another time, they are really cute too!