Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Grandma tastes good?!?

Baby Nicole started attacking my faces, pretty violently too. She would shake her head and slam her open mouth on my face while grunting pretty loudly. It was sooo funny and she kept doing it until Jayme took pictures. I guess my face tastes good! She is too cute.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Feeling better....I think

I've been trying so hard to act like I feel better. Here it is, the last weekend before Christmas and I still haven't put up my tree or lights or finished shopping. I'll be going to court with both Monday and Tuesday since the atty is so short staffed, then I'll spend a day giving out client gifts (at least a day) and I'm SOOOOO busy at work beside that. How am I ever going to get it all done before next weekend??? Poor Jayme has caught my bug. She spent the night throwing up and doubled over. I hope little Nicole doesn't get it too! Right now they are both asleep. good.. naps help. But I'm trying to clean up so I can try to finish reviewing accts for suit before tomorrow. Then hopefully, tomorrow night I'll put up the tree. I think I'll take some time off on Thursday and finish Christmas shopping. Being in Garden and Dodge all last week really killed my shopping time! Let's face it, I used to live in Garden and make a trip to Wichita to shop, what makes you think now that I live in Wichita, I'd go shopping in Garden. NO. Anyway, the baby is getting up so I better go get her.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas party

The Christmas party is over. Everyone liked the scarves we made for the staff. The place was okay, the food was tasty but they were so stingy with it, and the show was nice but too long with too many slow songs for a party with so many little kids, plus WHERE WERE THE ANIMALS! they told us the ranch show had animals and not one mouse, dog, or reindeer. The service wasn't that great either. But I always have a nice time with our staff. Everyone gets along and we are growing to be so big.

Basement update

OK this is the wall with the Dr Suess like drawings of what I want to do to it. - door opening, spot for the TV and the 3 soon to be lighted cubbies.

So I finally started by cutting the door to the exersize room, and moved the electric socket to behind were the TV will be mounted.

At least it doesn't look like this anymore. Now the ceramic tile floor is done, the pool table is in, the lights are changed, the vent is moved (cant see that behind the wood) and the door is cut so the old doorway can become my wet bar... eventually.

(this last one is before I cut the door opening)
I REALLY want to get the walls done before my dad and sisters visit next month. I need some help since my weekend warrior days are obviously not cutting it! I'll keep you updated. At least I can now play pool on my breaks from killin myself doing work down there.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Like a Light bulb?

You have to ck out Jayme's blog. It was really funny the other day when we were sitting in the car, belting out Christmas carols. When we sang Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, I was 'singing' and Jayme was doing the echo. But she put a very confused face on when we sang
'Had a very shiney nose' she echo's 'like a light bulb', then I sang on and got to
'you would even say it glows' and Jayme screamed out ' like a ....light ... bulb?' So when do you say it. so she called Older sis Nicole. and Nicole said hey, I think we DO say it twice. So Jay & I found a website that is so cute, it has music AND the lyrics. so check out Jayme's blog and see what you are supposed to echo!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Can't shake it!!!!

I HATE being sick. I've not been myself for a while. Now on top of feeling lousy last week with dizziness and nausea, I have a cold now. GEEZ!! Our office Christmas party is Saturday. We are going to a ranch and having a dinner show. It should be fun. I'll try to put some pic's up when we get back.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Hollywood Nutcracker

Well this last weekend was my Birthday. I drove up to Manhattan on Friday night and went to see the 'Hollywood' Nutcracker with Nicole, Shannon, Maria, Nick, Jenette & Chris. It was fun. The music was the same, it was still a ballet, but what made it the Hollywood version was purple Zoot suit rats and a rat queen named Gruella de Mille, the clothes were more 1930's and it opens on a hollywood movie audition set. I enjoyed it. Remember last year Maria took me to the traditional nutcracker but that was a present. It was wonderful and I enjoyed guessing my gift last year. I like doing that kind of stuff and can't wait until little Nicole is old enough so Jayme and I can do it with her. On Saturday we all went shopping in Manhattan and to lunch in Aggieville. Nicole and Shannon bought me pumpkin icecream... Yummy! I drove back to Wichita on Saturday, Sunday was the actual birthday! Maria posted it on her blog, thanks baby! Jayme slept over so I could wake up with her and little Nicole on my B-day! Great present. Then she made me a really tasty omlet breakfast, and she made me real hot cocoa with chocolate pudding and cinnamon rolls at night and sang happy b-day to me. Isn't she sweet? Nicole and Maria called me on my actual birthday too. So it was a good birthday. I love when I get to see my girls.

These pictures both made me laugh. What a happy baby my grandaughter is! I just can't wait until this Christmas. I forgot how much I love having a baby around. She is wonderful.