Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Swan Lake

OK, this is not the swan lake I went to see this past weekend, but I just love how Lucille Ball looks in the tutu.

Anyway Me, Nicole, Maria & Jessica went to see the Russian Ballet production of Swan Lake. It was great. Jayme couldn't go because she was at work and Shannon ... well didn't care to go. But he did stay at Pizza hut until we were almost done!

It was so much fun to watch. I love the way the jester jumped so high he kind of flew. He turned so much I wanted to be dizzy for him. Plus his costume was fun!

Of course Odette was beautiful and I'm very impressed with how a ballerina can move so gracefully when their arms are in that unnatural position behind them so they can look like wings. I tried to copy them and I look like an airplane about to take off.

I can't wait until next month when they have a performance of 42nd Street. I LOVE tap dance. I'll just get better seats. Our's wound up being okay but I almost got a bloody nose we were up so high.


Okay, I need someone to let me beat the crap out of them or I will burst.
Have you ever had to deal with someone in a management position that cannot stick to their story! Remember I'm in an equal management position, we are both Vice Presidents of different departments. I like this woman as a friend, but she KILLS me as a VP!!!! She will say one thing VERY clearly, then change her 'meaning' to be something else entirely, saying, 'That is exactly what I meant, I just used the wrong words' ARGHHH! She always does this. Or I try to bring up an issue that needs a resolution and her department must be involved and she goes on about what I'm not even discussing as if I was!!! I'm so spent! I dont' drink and I need one!
So she is a nice person and a procrastinator. We are both liked by the other 2 VP's and the Owner/CEO. Though she is married to another's VP's cousin, and was childhood friends with the owner. But I've earned my position here and have the respect of my peers, I can't help but stick up for my department since change is necessary! Period. I hope I get some possitive response back tomorrow because today I'm really frustrated.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Is this the Cutest child or what. My little great nephew Tommy was baptized January 17th. I couldn't be there because he is in New Jersey. That's his mommy Diana, my beautiful niece! But I'm going to Jersey in a few weeks and I'll finally get to hold him and kiss him.

Here he is again. OHMYGOSH! He is just TOO CUTE!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

I've been sick!

I don't know what was going around but MAN was I sick these last two weeks. I finally got some air going through my nose again. I thought I'd spend the rest of my life blowing my nose every 5 minutes to breath for 2 minutes. Only thing is now Jayme is sick. She started with symptoms of what I had. So what does a pregnant girl take now a days to feel better. Years ago it was tough it out and just don't think about it. There must be something safe for a prego to take now in 2006. Any ideas?

Sunday, January 01, 2006

I need to talk about Christmas!

Wow I cant believe I didn't talk about Christmas. WELL! I had my girls and my son in laws home. THAT was the best Christmas present I had hands down! BUT I did get some great gifts too. Maria took me to see the Nutcracker. It was great. I have decided I want to go to the ballet every chance I get. I loved it, Then Nicole and Shannon got me the movie Ocean's Eleven, I never saw that & it was really a good movie, plus awesome potholders, if you ever visited me you would be cheering over that! Many a burn in the house since I didn't have ANY potholders. The rubber one is awesome. Jay and Jerry got me this really cool bar light for my 'coming soon' wet bar. You have to see it. I love it. It got me going on renovating the room and building the wet bar. I went out the other day and bought the tiles for the floor downstairs and the table saw so I can start building. Overall Christmas was great. Great people, food and time together. OH and on Monday I finally got channels on my TV. GO DISH NETWORK! Life is good!


2006 is here. I know this year will be a good one. I'm in my new house, finally sold my old house. I'm going to be a grandma. I joined a health club and I pray I'll be smart enough to force myself to go regularly. I'm living closer to my kids and I love my job. I have so many projects to start in the house to keep me happy and I even love my dog! Life is good.

So the room downstairs is going to start getting overhauled. Anyone have ideas? I know I'll be building a wet bar and laying tile on half the room floor. I want to be creative with the walls and decorating. I was thinking making insets in the wall and adding lighting to each cubby. Any other or different ideas?