Tuesday, November 29, 2005

You REALLY have to see this

As I mentioned on my Thanksgiving post, my daughter Nicole and son in law Shannon blessed us with the tasting of odd flavor soda event. You have to see Shannons blog for the video's he posted. Too funny. Yeah! it was nasty.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Bad weather

so it is very early in the morning. the highways yesterday were too dangerous (tornados) for Maria to drive back to Manhattan. so we took the chance of waiting them out and seeing how the roads this morning are for driving. Well not such a good idea either, local roads in Wichita are closed for ice and wind accidents. all 3 roads from our house up are closed. Maria will be missing classes today. BUT I'm still worried since it looks like it wont get any better today. I woke Maria up and let her know and she e-mailed her teachers, but I dont know what to do since I can't take off work to drive her home, I have 3 trainees at the office today... I cant let her take her car home, she has never driven in the snow and her new car has rear wheel drive, I dont want her to 'practice' in this weather on such a long drive. I figure she could take my tribute, but the registration expires Tuesday (long story). Hopefully when I get to work the paperwork I need will be faxed as I was told it would be and I can register it today. OH what to do what to do! I think I'll go to the office, send the trainees home early and figure out how to get Maria to Manhattan tonight.

Thursday, November 24, 2005


Today was my first holiday dinner in my new house and my girls and my son in laws all were here. I REALLY had a nice day and I'm looking so forward to Christmas. Nicole and Shannon had us taste some interesting soda's they bought. What fun. I tell you interesting, I mean INTERESTING. I'll not give anything away since he wants to let his family taste this weekend also and I wouldnt want to spoil it for them if they read this. Nicole and Shannon bought a game cube and it is fun. We all played. I'm such a dinosaur, a fossil, antique, you name it. I'm just so bad at these games. I actually came in first once but that is just pure luck. BELIEVE me. it is fun though. Hope everyone else has a great thanksgiving.


FINALLY! I signed a contract on the house on Saturday. YEAH! I'm losing a butt load but at the same time I'm not going to have to make any more mortgage payments. So in a way I'm losing alot less. PLUSSSSS now I will be able to do the things in the new house that I've been wanting to do but not able to buy the materials I need. by spring I'll have a really cool room downstairs and the other floors will be finished. I'm so excited. Thank you buyers! Closing will be December 16th. Cant wait. that is the day before Maria is taking me to see the Nutcracker in Kansas City. (my birthday/Christmas present) isn't she thoughtful!!! Let's just hope all goes well with the closing and no delays.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Been a long week

It's a pain to travel to Dodge and Garden City sometimes. I have no home for a week and I eat like crap. I cant get on a computer since I have no internet connection in my old house and I have no time at work to 'play'. So Here I am, at the office after hours just to blog!

I HAVE to sell my house in GC. This for sale by owner thing is stupid but the real estate wants SOOO much money that it will cost me to sell the house if I let them. So I have to just get my butt down here and hold open houses and get it sold. I dropped to price to BELOW the appraisal value. I hope this will get it sold quicker. Sigh! I love the house too so it stinks to have to sell it so cheap. but two mortgages are killing me not to mention maintaining two houses 200 miles apart. See it's a nice house.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Cowgirl from Brooklyn

HA, guess what I got to do! While in the hospitality room at the KHA convention I attended, they had a theme of animals and hunting. So in the middle of the room was a mechanical bull. Yes I rode it... but not for long! IT WAS FUN! worst part was my 5 ft 2 inch short legged frame couldnt step over the rail into the big cushion ring, so I rolled in instead, then the same short frame realized as I stood next to the 'bull' that there are no sterups, and absolutly nothing to help me up, the top of the seat was at my chest level. so I improvised, I jumped on the balloon cushion until I was high enough to throw my leg over the bull and wha la, I was up. everyone clapped. They guy was nice, he was easy on me for about 15 seconds, then said 'OK' and set it on 1, I lasted exactly 3 seconds and flew, screamed and landed on the cushion. FUN! Ilasted longer than any other woman who tried (only 3 of us)
OH I want to mention the other 3 people I was with would not get on, they were afraid to fall off. I mentioned, DUH! everyone falls off. that's the idea. I should mention THEY ARE ALL FROM DODGE CITY KANSAS! so I'm the Cowgirl from Brooklyn!

Sunday, November 06, 2005

YELLOW ............. BE GONE!

Yes for those of you who have been to my new house, you've seen the lady before me must have either loved yellow or was color blind. ALL the bigger rooms and one of the little rooms had bright yellow paint. The family room has a fireplace with brick that has a pinkish hue to it, a green swirly rug (that will go soon too) and YELLOW walls. The kitchen was also yellow.so.... now.. YELLOW IS GONE! Yeah! my kitchen is now pretty and you can sit in my family room and not get sun stroke!

Jayme has a blog too!

Well now I can view all 3 of my daughters blogs. Pretty cool! Thanks Nicole and Shannon for introducing me to blogspot. Jayme has a blog!

Friday, November 04, 2005

Do you like who's line is it anyway?

I'm a big 'Who's Line' fan. I can't get enough of the improv comedy. Well I found this website that has a couple of audio clips of hoedowns. http://www.angelfire.com/tv/whoslineisitanyway/
Just click on sound clips to your left. If they still show 'ugly' I think you'll like it!

Real estate agents are a rip off!

I've moved to Wichita but my house in Garden City is not sold yet. It's a nice house with lots of recent updates like wood, ceramic tile and marble floors. all brick ranch in one of the best area's of GC..SO WHY CAN'T I SELL IT??
I tried to sell it myself since I only bought it less than 2 yrs ago. I invested quite a bit of money in it too, but selling it myself is close to impossible when I now live 200 miles away. I know if I can get traffice through it I can sell it. The price is very fair.
So I tried to get a realestate agent. WHAT A RIP OFF! they want 7% to do so little. If I use them it will COST me to sell the house, so I have to now drive back and forth and do open houses! SIGH!

HEy if you know someone who wants a nice house in GC. LET ME KNOW! I'm so pissed at the stupid realestate.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I got to see Nicole!

I'm so glad I moved to Wichita. I didn't think I'd say that so soon, but just think.... Nicole has lived 4 1/2 hrs away since she went to K-state 4 yrs ago, Jayme has lived 3 1/2 hrs away since she went to WSU 3 yrs ago. and now my baby Maria is also 4 1/2 hrs from GC since she is also at K-state. Poor me, if I still lived in GC I'd NEVER spend time with my girls!

BUT NOW, since I live in the same place as Jayme, we get to go to lunch together, I see her almost every day, now that she is buying a house I can help her move, paint, clean or anything else, I can go to her concerts (that WSU seems to think is a good Idea to plan on Tuesday nights) and all her other performances. I LOVE IT.

I've already seen Nicole more in 4 months than I have the 12 months before that! I finally got to a KSU football game, I FINALLY got to see them play a game of K-State Hockey and we both have been able to visit each other more easily!

I've spent the last 3 yrs living with just my maria, she even worked with me and since I'm in Wichita & not GC and less than 2 1/2 hr drive, she comes to see me every other Wednesday, has just driven down when she was homesick, I've been able to go up to her and she even just came down to go to a comedy show with me. That would never have been happening if I was so far away in GC. And I miss her!

Nicole is in Wichita for a seminar her job sent her to and I got to see her tonight at her hotel! She even gave me her yummy left overs from the restaurant they went to! I cannot explain how much it means to me to be able to hug and see my daughters!

Yes I'm a lucky and happy person. I'm VERY happy I moved to Wichita. Yes Life is good

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Our little Jalapeno

I just had to post this. Little Jalapeno Pepper (Baby Tommy) on his first Halloween. This is the child that made me a Great Aunt Irene! Isn't he cute?